Miscellaneous Companies & Departments


Fire Alarm Towers Halsey Street Market & Arlington Streets Centre Market
Chemical Company No. 1 56-58 Prospect Street    
Hose Company No. 1 1 Harrison Street 108 Market Street 140 Market Street
Reserve & Supply Company No. 1 56-58 Prospect Street    
Searchlight Company No. 1 75-77 Academy Street    
Salvage Corps 227 Washington Street    
Vailsburg Fire Department Image from Angela Degennaro Lucas    
Rescue Co. No.1 Mulberry & Lafayette Streets    
Water Tower Company No. 1 56-58 Prospect Street    
Police & Fire Academy Norwood Street and 18th Avenue    
Squad Company No.1 75 Academy Street    
Squad Company No.2 44 Mt. Prospect Avenue/with Engine Company No. 23    
Squad Company No.3 McWhorter & Vesey Streets/with Engine Company No. 14    
Temporary Quarters 908 South Orange Avenue    
Theatre Detail      
Bureau of Combustibles & Fire Risks      
Telegraph Department Central Office in City Hall    
Repair Department 56-58 Prospect Street