Fourth Precinct

<?>-<1904>: Springfield & 15th Avenues
<1904>-<?>: 17th Avenue & Livingston Street

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The 1967 Newark Riots began at this station house.



Newspaper Articles

Unknown - Felled With a Beer Glass
January 12, 1902 - Stable Burns, Horses Saved
November 16, 1902 - Stabbed in a Saloon
December 7, 1902 - How Riley Threw the Giant
December 14, 1902 - Police Raid a House
March 27, 1904 - The New Fourth Precinct Police Station Which is Nearly Completed
April 1, 1906 - Policeman Dickson Injured in a Scuffle
June 10, 1906 - Frenzied Steer Spread Terror
August 12, 1906 - Police Make Two Raids and Capture Gamblers


Job 1898  1899      
Captain William P. Daly Freeman A. Edward      
Sergeant Charles Klein Charles E. Emmons      
Sergeant Henry Vahle Henry Vahle      
Sergeant Jacob Wambold Jacob Wambold      
Roundsman Charles H. Emmons Patrick Durkin      
Roundsman Jacob Suchard Jacob Suchard      
Detective Jacob Koerber Jacob Koerber      
Doorman Edward Nash George Lambert      
Doorman Frederick Groessle Frederick Groessle      
Patrolman Frederick Axt Frederick Axt      
Patrolman Theodore C. Bauer Theodore C. Bauer      
Patrolman John G. Burger John G. Burger      
Patrolman John Bachtold John Bachtold      
Patrolman Frederick Benkert Frederick Benkert      
Patrolman John Bohnert John Bohnert      
Patrolman William Bohle William Bohle      
Patrolman John Begley John Begley      
Patrolman James H. Bruen James H. Bruen      
Patrolman   Samuel Brown      
Patrolman   George Burger Jr.      
Patrolman   Divers Coleman      
Patrolman   John Conlon      
Patrolman Joseph Deifel Joseph Deifel      
Patrolman Philip Dries Philip Dries      
Patrolman   Washington M. Edwards      
Patrolman Charles Fessler Charles Fessler      
Patrolman Henry P. Frey Henry P. Frey      
Patrolman   George P. Fohs      
Patrolman John D. F. Gade John D. F. Gade      
Patrolman   Frederick Groessle      
Patrolman Hugh Gilday Hugh Gilday      
Patrolman Henry Gross Henry Gross      
Patrolman Matthew M. Gaynor Matthew M. Gaynor      
Patrolman   Owen Gilroy      
Patrolman Julius Howlett Julius Howlett      
Patrolman William Harmes William Harmes      
Patrolman John Horter John Horter      
Patrolman Joseph Horter Joseph Horter      
Patrolman   John R. Huebner      
Patrolman Eugene Jeremias Eugene Jeremias      
Patrolman John Kress John Kress      
Patrolman   George Kroemelbein      
Patrolman George Lambert George Lambert      
Patrolman Charles A. Lindner        
Patrolman Stephen Martin Stephen Martin      
Patrolman John H. Murphy John H. Murphy      
Patrolman Henry Mueller Henry Mueller      
Patrolman John W. McGeehan John W. McGeehan      
Patrolman John McEvoy John McEvoy      
Patrolman James McMinamin James McMinamin      
Patrolman   William Neitmann      
Patrolman   Joseph Ptacnik      
Patrolman William Rommeihs William Rommeihs      
Patrolman George C. Ruhl George C. Ruhl      
Patrolman   Terrence Reilley      
Patrolman John Steeb John Steeb      
Patrolman William H. Stucky William H. Stucky      
Patrolman William Stoetzel William Stoetzel      

Richard J. Schott

Richard J. Schott

Patrolman   Henry Seipel      
Patrolman   John W. Slowey      
Patrolman Frederick W. Taylor        
Patrolman Herman A. Wolfarth Herman A. Wolfarth      
Patrolman Robert J. Wilson Robert J. Wilson      
Patrolman   Charles J. Wolf      
Patrolman August A. Zeigle        
Retired Reserve Voorhis A. Schenck Voorhis A. Schenck      
Retired Reserve   Jacob W. Norris      
Retired Reserve   Alfred C. Westerman      
1st Chanceman Samule Brown Charles P. Carr      
1st Chanceman George Burger Jr. George W. Courter Jr.      
1st Chanceman John Conlon Frank M. Luby      
1st Chanceman Owen Gilroy        
1st Chanceman John R. Huebner        
1st Chanceman William Neitmann        
1st Chanceman Joseph Ptacnik        
2nd Chanceman Charles P. Carr        
2nd Chanceman George W. Courter Jr.        
2nd Chanceman George P. Fohs        
2nd Chanceman George Kroemelbein        
2nd Chanceman Frank M. Luby        
2nd Chanceman Terrence Reilley        
2nd Chanceman John W. Slowey        
2nd Chanceman Frederick W. Thiele        
2nd Chanceman Charles J. Wolf        
3rd Chanceman   Peter F. McKiernan      
3rd Chanceman   Ferdinand Hock      
3rd Chanceman   Samuel Saslow      
Driver Divers Coleman Divers Coleman      
Driver Louis Bonnet Louis Bonnet      
Matron Mrs. Mary Hoffer Mrs. Mary Hoffer      

1920 Roster


John E. Brown


Julius Maier


Castor W. Gray
John Horter
John J. Kellett
Charles McGovern


William R. Coonradt
Patrick F. Crann
George H. Estler
John Knoedler
William A. Pfrommer
Emil E. Schmidt
Frank D. Williams


Theodore Ambs
William Anderson
James R. Ansley
Frank E. Beegle
Frederick Benkert
Philip Benz
Joseph A. Breidenbach
Morris Brodsyk
Thomas Burns
John E. Busch
Max Musaeus
Philip J. McAdams
James A. McAndrews
Thomas J. McCarthy
James P. McConnell
Joleph F. McDonnell
William Neitman
Thomas O'Connor
Samuel R. Pasko
Cedric J. Peterson
James E. Clark
William P. Colfer
John Conlon
Cornelius G. Duffy
Julius Erman
William C. Evertz
Edward A. Fair
John A. Fell
James J. Fletcher
William A. Friedrich
James A. Gorman
Wilbur N. Green
Charles Hammer
William Harenberg
Charles P. Heurich
Gustav Heurich
James H. Honish
Henry Hummel
William Harms
Charles Kabus
Jacob Kabus
Henry Kappa
Edward L. Keelen
Valentine Kempf
Patrick J. Kenny
William J. Klueber
Fred C. Lange
William A. Lau
John Laubenstein
john.J. Leary
John J. Lynn
Joseph Meier
George A. Middleton
Gustave F. Pfeifer
William E. Putscher
Fdward A. Rader
William Sacher
William Salter
George Sansom
Frank A. Schaeffer
Edward Schiller
Charles Schmidt
H-enry Schumacher
Albert C. Schwankert
William Schwerer
Samuel Sheppard
Gustave N. Smith
Thomas J. Smith
Watson H. Speer
Richard G. F. Spilner
John V. Staats
Harrison J. Tegen
Edward M. Thornton
Harry Theobold
Fred L. Tratitwein, Jr.
Walter Week
Charles F. Widman
Henry Wolf
Charles J. Zilliox
George W. Carr
Charles Helmstaedter
Frank J. MeCree
Albert W. Ridler
William Schecterle
Gustave Stoffers .
Christian H. Volz, Jr.
Charles Moeller


Theresa Baader
Mary Ballantine